Thanks to the record-breaking fundraising efforts during our series of dispersed Walks for Water, work is now advancing well on the ‘hardware’ components at Bwanga.

The dispersed Walks for Water across the UK, mandated by COVID restrictions, raised a fantastic total of £28k for our project at Bwanga Hill. This secondary school and rural community was seriously in need of support, and WATSAN’s dedicated trustees and supporters readily stepped up to help.

In his most recent report from the field, Project Director Eric Baingana has itemised the spending so far on the construction of a rainwater harvesting tank within the secondary school, as well as three tapstands, and two latrine blocks:

He says: “The tank is situated adjacent to the church building and is intended to serve resident staff and boys at Bwanga Secondary School. The purpose for this location is that the church is located uphill above the school staff quarters, which enables water from the tank to move down to the school by gravity, and the church has a massive roof which helps to serve this tank with enough rain water.”

The team is making great progress in spite of the ongoing challenges presented by COVID, which include school closures, curfews and limits on travel. The latter has prevented them from making as many inroads as they would like into the ‘software’ part of the project – engaging the local community in health and hygiene education, building a sense of ownership around their new facilities, and preparing to hand the structures over to them for ongoing maintenance. Restrictions have been easing into November and so we hope that these activities will recommence, so that work on this project can be completed by the end of March 2022.

Thank you so much again to all who raised funds for this project!

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