COVID provided an opportunity to rethink WATSAN’s flagship fundraising event in 2021. Plan to be with us in June 2022!

Every two years since 2011, WATSAN Walks for Water have been key fundraising opportunities, raising vital funds for our projects in Uganda. In 2021, due to COVID restrictions and uncertainties, it was not possible to organise a single weekend gathering, as on the previous five occasions. However, the alternative of local walks held across England resulted in both a record number of participants and our best result ever of £28,212 for the Bwanga Hill project, which is now under construction and due for substantial completion by March 2022.

The trustees have therefore been presented with something of a conundrum. The local walks were popular and successful, thanks to our trustees and supporters, who worked so hard for us to achieve safe and successful outcomes. On the other hand we know that gathering everyone together occasionally has also produced enjoyable and worthwhile experiences.

We hope we have come up with an integrated plan, which relies once again on the willingness of trustees and supporters being prepared to organise local walks. Trustee Graham Piper and his wife Philippa are willing to offer a repeat of the popular South Downs Walk in June 2022. We would be delighted if others may be willing/wish to follow suit in 2022 and/or later years, and to organise their own local walks.

But this approach leaves us without any face-to-face contact with and between our supporters as a whole. To remedy this we are planning an afternoon gathering to which all our regular supporters will receive a personal invitation in due course. Meanwhile, please save the date of May 21st 2022! More details will follow, and we would hope to have a Ugandan presence, at least on screen.

In the meantime, we would be delighted to hear from previous organisers and new recruits who would be willing and able to organise a local walk on a date or dates in June 2022. Please contact Ian and Ellie.