Regular gifts from our supporters in the UK, amounting to some £20,000 per annum, pay for WATSAN’s programme management function in Uganda, including salaries for our Field Director, Finance Officer and Secretary, office and transport costs, plus important work carried out by our two-member Sustainability Team (who can draw upon support from our project teams as and when they are required and funding is available).

We have been privileged to receive support from TearFund for larger gravity flow projects over the years. However, they have recently experienced funding limitations due to an influx of refugees to Uganda from early in 2017. Since then, in a remarkable response to appeals made to our supporters, and by using up our limited reserves, we have been able to maintain project momentum in Uganda. TearFund Uganda have thankfully indicated substantial funding to enable the continuation of our project partnership, and we expect funding for another scheme at Kinyasano from Rotary sources later this year.

This does mean that WATSAN has to fundraise specifically for each new major project. At any one time we maintain a focus on a single project, keeping up momentum until the work is complete and handed over to the community, and we can start to concentrate on the next life-saving initiative. An overview of our planned projects can be found here.