Students on Isle of Man advocate for WATSAN

Students from schools on the Isle of Man took part in the One World Charity Challenge, with a team from King William’s College (KWC) making a presentation about WATSAN at the Inter-School Final.

The One World Charity Challenge is an initiative sponsored by AFD Software, giving students the opportunity to speak out for people in the developing world, through creating a presentation examining the work of a charity. WATSAN was invited to be one of the charities featured, and so trustee Kate Parrinder worked with the students from KWC to share information about our work and case studies they could use for their presentation and advocacy project.

The KWC team representing WATSAN was Molly Grint, Adna Salihovic, Laora Tobelaim, Eugenia Chan, Niya Trenkova and Maria Dwyer.

In the build-up to the presentation, the students designed a special wrapper for reusable water bottles they had bought at a reduced rate. They then sold the bottles to their contacts to raise funds for WATSAN, and raise awareness amongst their peers. The label’s QR code links to the WATSAN website.

During the final, the students gave a well received presentation outlining the need, WATSAN’s project methodology and a case study from WATSAN’s project at Bwambara Hill. WATSAN congratulates them in coming fourth in the final, winning prize money of £200 for WATSAN, plus £33 raised through the sales of the bottles.

In their presentation the students argued: “Water is a life-changing resource vital to all of humanity. Without it, we become non-autonomous; no education, disease, and no dignity. Water is the difference between life and death. It is the difference between an education and being unemployed. It is everything.” We couldn’t agree more! A huge thank you to the students for their efforts on behalf of WATSAN.

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Success at The Funding Network London with nearly £10k raised for Kihihi Hill

WATSAN trustee Kate Parrinder pitched at live crowdfunding event The Funding Network in central London on 22nd January, and succeeded in raising £9,735 to help us complete the project at Kihihi Hill.

The Funding Network is the chance for four charities to deliver a timed pitch to an audience of philanthropists who are ready to give substantial sums if convinced of a project’s merits. The presenter is given a strict six-minute time limit, with a further six minutes for questions from the floor.

Alongside the three other shortlisted charities, Kate pitched for funding to finish off WATSAN’s project at Kihihi Hill, where toilet facilities were yet to be funded. The audience responded well to the pitch and during the pledging session the target for the presentation (£5,000) was smashed, with over £8,000 pledged on the night and further funds coming following the event.

Kate was ably supported by fellow trustee Graham Piper who gave a decisive two-minute sponsor’s pitch and kicked off the donations.

You can watch a video of Kate’s pitch below!


WATSAN receives generous donation in support of Rumbugu School

Sheila Houghton has shared a generous and thoughtful donation with WATSAN in aid of our priority project at Rumbugu.

John and Sheila Houghton with Bishop Dan Zorecka

Sheila, pictured with her husband Sir John Houghton and Bishop Dan Zoreka, has been a regular supporter of WATSAN by passing on the profits of HAFAN Christian Cafe, owned by her and run by volunteers from the churches in Tywyn/Aberdyfi, but she was moved to make a further personal donation after reading about the great need at Rumbugu School, where over 400 pupils share intermittent water to a single tap, and 40 female pupils share just one toilet.

Commenting on her support and the recent visit to Uganda by WATSAN trustee Graham Piper, Sheila says: “We shall jointly continue to support WATSAN on a regular monthly basis. It’s good to know you have trustees out at the moment checking and recording. As you know, I believe it to be one of the strengths of WATSAN.”

WATSAN accepts donations of all kinds and sizes, which can be made online, by standing order, bank cheque, CAF cheque, Stewardship or similar vouchers, in a legacy or via sponsorship for events such as our forthcoming Walk for Water.

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Girl Guides give £7,200 to Nyabiteete

A group of Guides, led by Commissioner Kate Parrinder of Oxford, have been working with WATSAN as part of a month-long trip to Uganda in August 2013.

The group of Guides in front of the completed rainwater collection tankThe Guides had raised some £7,200 towards a project at Nyabiteete School and community, where their funds enabled the building of a brand-new rainwater collection tank, three new Ecosan toilets and a revamped protected spring for use of the whole community.

The Guides spent three weeks in Rukungiri, during which time they gave valuable assistance to the construction of the new facilities, all at Nyabiteete. We thank them warmly for their amazing support and energy, and thank the staff team and Canon Eric and Mrs Adrine Kamuteera for their hospitality to the group.

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