Joyce and Lydia might be at opposite ends of the age spectrum, but they have passionate support for WATSAN in common.

Joyce holding one of the earliest Bibles translated into Welsh (c.1799) at the Mary Jones Centre near Bala

Joyce Currie at 95 plus is probably our oldest supporter. Still living independently in her bungalow on the west Wales coast, Joyce regularly swam in the Atlantic until she was 90.

Recently featured on the front page of her local paper, Joyce has campaigned tirelessly to restore access for pushchairs and wheelchair users to the extensive sandy beach at Fairbourne.

Passionate about Fairtrade, Joyce has run a stall at her local church, St Cynon’s, for many years, and helped introduce members to WATSAN, which they now support.

A tame blackbird keeps her company, hopping up to the French windows for the feast of currants Joyce keeps for him! Despite her declining health, Joyce sends a generous cheque for WATSAN every few months. She says, “I’m so glad to be able to help in a small way.”

Lydia painting Storm, her cousins’ cat

At the other end of the age spectrum, Gap Year student Lydia Hunt has had a rough ride this year. Along with her cohort she was very disappointed not to be able to take her A-Levels due to the Covid lockdown. However she achieved excellent assessments and hopes to study medicine from next autumn.

Lydia writes, “I think many of us in the lockdown feel rather hopeless. What can I do to help those in need? How can I make a difference? The penniless Gap Year student that I am…? However, for me painting has always been a joy; there is nothing more satisfying and nothing more peaceful. It’s a delight for me to paint portraits of people, and sometimes their pets! The Lord has put on my heart the people of Uganda. I have little money to give, but friends have commissioned me to paint for them, so I have been able to give the proceeds to WATSAN.”

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