At the end of last year we appealed to our donors to help us support the staff team through the challenges posed by COVID-19. We received a fabulous response enabling us to set up a hardship fund, and begin the project at Bwanga Hill. An increase in standing orders gives us greater stability.

In November last year we appealed for help as the staff team in Uganda struggled with the fallout of COVID-19. The economic impact of pandemic restrictions, known as “Standard Operating Procedures” or SOPs in Uganda, mean that many people are facing personal hardship. We heard during our last webinar from the project’s Field Director Rev Eric Baingana how the WATSAN team had been affected, and we suggested that the best ways to help would be to set up or increase a standing order, or give to our next target project at Bwanga Hill.

Bishop Benon demonstrating the reconstructed spring to beneficiaries in Kisharara

Firstly, we are delighted to report that we have since raised further funds towards our target project at Bwanga Hill, meaning that the first phase can start in Spring 2021. This brings crucial resources to a very deprived community, and also keeps WATSAN’s staff in employment. In the meantime, the team has carried out baseline surveys for two new water sources, which will inform future grant-funding applications by the team in the UK; reconstructed a low-yield spring in Kisharara, serving 540 people with a refreshed and clean water supply; and advocated widely for safety measures communities can take to protect against COVID-19. A full report from the final quarter of 2020 can be found here.

Secondly, we have already seen our generous community of donors initiate or boost their standing orders to WATSAN so that we have achieved 50% of the additional £500 per month we were looking for towards our core costs and hardship fund. This means that, for example, we were able to give staff their Christmas bonus in December (pictured above). Eric reports: “The shared items among others included maize flour, rice, chicken and soap which staff members took with them to their respective families. This made a great relief and enjoyment to our families as far as Christmas related ceremony at homes was concerned.”

If you are able to help us raise a further £250 monthly, or indeed contribute towards the remaining phases of Bwanga Hill, please visit our donation page.