Chris Dunckley, aged 9, supports new WATSAN motorbike

Budding actor Chris appeared in the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert on ITV, and chose to give part of his fee to WATSAN.If you saw the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert on ITV, you may have seen Chris Dunckley taking the starring role as Nick the Sweep. Chris chose to give part of his fee towards the purchase of the new motorbike for WATSAN’s Kinkiizi Link Person Moses Kabarebe.

Matt, Chris’s Dad, is well known to many of or supporters as our much-loved medic on the bi-annual WATSAN walks. His wife Jenny, also a doctor, and the two boys Jono and Chris, walk with us too when their sporting commitments allow.

The other half of the cost of the motorbike was generously contributed by the late Sir John and Lady Sheila Houghton, long-term supporters of WATSAN.

Pictured below is the motorbike proudly straddled by Moses. WATSAN’s Field Director Eric Baingana says: “The motorbike was picked from Toyota Uganda LTD-Kampala on 27th January, 2020. Then we took it to Kinkiizi for commissioning by Bishop Dan, after which it was handed over to Moses for use. Many thanks for those great efforts to buy it.”

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