WATSAN to pitch at The Funding Network’s London event

The live crowdfunding event in January 2020 will allow us to present to an audience of donors and request funds for better sanitation at Kihihi Hill.

The Funding Network‘s live crowdfunding events are about raising money collectively, in one evening, for causes the audience believes in. At the events, an audience of donors meets and hears from four charities with solutions to social issues. Each of them has six minutes to talk about the change they are making and how donors can support them, plus six minutes for questions. Once that’s done, an expert pledge master takes the audience through an auction of pledges, after which each charity takes away funds for their cause.

We are thrilled that WATSAN has been selected as one of four charities to pitch at The Funding Network’s New Year event on 22nd January 2020 at Goodman Derrick LLP in central London. Trustee Kate Parrinder will once again put WATSAN’s case to an audience of donors, having succeeded in raising over £5,000 at a Funding Network event in Oxford in 2018 (pictured above). The pitch will centre on funds needed for two new toilet blocks in Kihihi Hill, plus the associated health and hygiene education.

Kate will argue that dignified, clean sanitation is not just about loos; it has spectacular knock-on effects, starting with improving health, but leading to rocketing attendance records and exam results, which ultimately creates sustainable economic prosperity for the whole community.

If you would like to attend this event and watch the pitch, please sign up here.