Buy from Fair2All around World Toilet Day and 10% goes to WATSAN

Buy from Fair2All around World Toilet Day and 10% goes to WATSAN

WATSAN supporter Mandy McIntosh runs a fair trade shop in Ashby de la Zouch and online. To mark World Toilet Day on 19th November, she is donating 10% of her takings to WATSAN takings from 15th to 30th November.

The offer will include both sales from Mandy’s bricks and mortar shop, and her online shop, where you can buy upcycled and fair trade gifts, homewares, accessories and cards.

In 2017 Mandy was part of a team who went to South West Uganda and participated in a WATSAN project working with the local community to provide latrines in their school. Once the latrine block for older girls was completed, over 60 girls returned to education.

WATSAN’s trustees would like to thank Mandy very much for this generous contribution to WATSAN – and of course encourage other supporters to do their Christmas shopping on the Fair2All website!

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Legacy from Sir John Houghton makes a huge difference to the staff team

Legacy from Sir John Houghton makes a huge difference to the staff team

Many of our supporters will know from past posts of the problems faced by our Ugandan Team with the elderly and erratic pick-up truck, which used to transport them and their kit to often remote villages, over what our friends over there describe as the “dancing roads”. This aptly describes the bone-shaking effect of travelling in rural South-West Uganda, where at times one wishes for a crash helmet as you jerk up and down, almost hitting the car roof!

Now much has changed! Sir John, who died from complications of Covid-19 on April 18, 2020, aged 88, most thoughtfully left WATSAN a wonderful legacy, and his wife Sheila thought it would be very appropriate to use this gift to purchase a brand new vehicle for WATSAN.

The new Toyota Hilux truck comes with a three-year warranty. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda the transaction took some time to achieve, involving several 500-mile round trips to the capital, Kampala, before Canon Eric was able to take delivery. But what a wonderfully thoughtful gift by which we may all celebrate John’s amazing achievements and his association with WATSAN.

Canon Eric writes, “The acquired vehicle is operating very well, using relatively less fuel. We are certainly achieving more progress regarding water, sanitation and health projects under implementation like Bwanga Hill and Ruheza gravity flow scheme because of this reliable transport.”

As COP 26 gets underway, we remember John particularly as one of the very first scientists to begin investigations about the cause and implications of climate change, way back in the late 1950s and early 60s. He outlined his research in his 2013 autobiography In the Eye of the Storm (where WATSAN also gets an honourable mention on page 259), and has recently been honoured by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), of which he was Co-Chair.

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New look and contact details for WATSAN

New look and contact details for WATSAN

There’s a new way to contact all of the trustees and to find us online…

WATSAN leaflet front cover

The eagle-eyed amongst our supporters will have noticed that WATSAN has a refreshed logo – something of an evolution rather than a revolution, bringing our visual identity up to date whilst, we hope, retaining the spirit of the classic logo, which was designed by our friends in Uganda.

We wanted to make sure everyone was also aware that we have now retired our previous website address (, which is no longer available) in favour of the much simpler Additionally and most importantly, you can now contact the whole trustee team at

We have also produced a new information leaflet about what WATSAN does and our impact, which can be found here. If our supporters would like printed copies of these for their own fundraising or events, please do let us know!

Dispersed walks for water raise over £28k for Bwanga Hill!

Dispersed walks for water raise over £28k for Bwanga Hill!

Due to COVID restrictions, 15 different local walks were held across England, bringing in a record number of participants and raising £28,212 for WATSAN.

Walks of all kinds across many different terrains took place up and down the country throughout June 2021, and photos from each walk can be found here. Participants ranged from families of two or three people completing their own walks, to larger groups of up to 30 walking together and supported with refreshments along the way. The map shows the locations of the walks!

Our first walker and youngest participant was Amber Bushell (pictured), aged just 7, who completed her accompanied ascent of Coniston Old Man (2633 ft.) to mark her birthday. All the walkers completed personal challenges, whatever the length of their walk, to remember the difficulties that men, women and children face each day in Uganda on their walks to collect water.

On the evening of 19th June, we held a short celebration of all the walks on Zoom, after many walkers had completed their challenge that day. It was a chance to come together to hear how the walks had gone, discover more about the target project at Bwanga, and find out roughly how much we had raised collectively. A recording of this event can be found below.

Well done everyone, particularly to the hard-working organisers of each event, and our thanks to each and every walker and donor, great and small, for such an amazing result! Funds will be directed towards WATSAN’s project at Bwanga Hill, which will now proceed, and £10,000 has already been sent out to Uganda. More will follow in October. The educational components are likely to be delayed by the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown there, which we expect to last at least until September.

A further sum of £2,300 has been sent during the third quarter of the year to cover ‘furlough’ payments to the software team, who cannot work at present as no more than six people are allowed to gather together; safety measures for the team such as hand sanitiser and face masks; and support for those in the team suffering from Covid, or isolating as a result of contact with the disease. Field Director Eric Baingana tells us that prices have risen astronomically since the pandemic took a hold, not only for basic medicines such as paracetamol but also for fruit and vegetables and other necessities.

The Ugandan team is thrilled with the results of the various walks and send their heartfelt thanks to the walk organisers and to each and every participant.

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Bishop Benon Magezi is lost to Covid-19

Bishop Benon Magezi is lost to Covid-19

It is with great sadness that we received news from Bishop Dan Zoreka late on June 15th of the death that evening in Kampala of Bishop Benon Magezi of North Kigezi Diocese, at the age of 60. Bishop Benon’s battle with Covid-19 had begun two weeks earlier when he was admitted to hospital in Mbarara.

He was consecrated as Bishop in January 2017 and is the second good friend of WATSAN lost to the pandemic, following the death last year in the UK of Sir John Houghton.

Prior to being installed as Bishop of North Kigezi in January 2017, Benon had been Treasurer of North Kigezi Diocese. He served for many years on the Ugandan WATSAN Management Committee. Members of the St Peter’s Bishops Waltham tour of the project in August 2017 will remember him at the inauguration of the Rumbugu Primary School project (pictured).

Each of the WATSAN projects, small and large, completed in his Diocese since then, has been graced with his presence at their inauguration ceremonies. In 2018 he led the first Ugandan Walk for Water, which raised over £4,000 for our Bwambara community project. In 2019 he visited the UK with his wife Gladys and confirmed his ongoing support and enthusiasm for WATSAN.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gladys and their five children, our friends and colleagues in the WATSAN team, and across the Diocese at large, devastated by this sudden tragic loss of their leader. The UK Trustees give thanks to God for Bishop Benon’s faithful leadership in Rukungiri, where the WATSAN team is based, and for his friendship and support over many years, culminating in his four years as Bishop of North Kigezi.