We would like to thank our supporters, many of whom increased their standing orders or set up new regular gifts to WATSAN in response to the difficult news about Tearfund’s withdrawal from our partnership.

In August we announced that our longstanding project partner Tearfund had decided not to renew the Memorandum of Understanding with WATSAN, a decision that they indicated had been a difficult one to take and had nothing to do with NKKD’s performance. This has serious repercussions for WATSAN UK’s ability to fund the team in Uganda as presently set up.

Our staff team are absolutely integral to our success. They have the technical expertise, local cultural and political knowledge, and decades of experience that they bring in order for our work to make an impact, as it has recently on communities such as Kinyasano and Kihihi Hill.

We appealed to our supporters for immediate additional help, in particular in the form of an uplift in regular donations, which would enable us to secure the continuity of the Ugandan staff for the time being, both in terms of core management and our ongoing sustainability programme. We are pleased to report that in response, regular donations from our loyal and generous base of supporters have increased by £2,500 a year, which takes us good way towards our target. We cannot thank our wonderful donors enough for this invaluable support.

Nonetheless, we are still seeking a further £5,500 annually to really secure our position. This equates to just 23 new monthly donations of £20 or more.

If you are one of our amazing regular or occasional supporters, can you help us bring one new regular donor on board? Here are some ideas:

We are so grateful for all of your support of WATSAN’s trustees – all of whom are volunteers. Thank you.