Could you or someone you know join our team? WATSAN is urgently seeking a new volunteer Treasurer

Breaking News: We are delighted to be able to report the appointment of a new Treasurer for WATSAN, from Oct. 17th. More details will be posted shortly. Thank you everyone for your interest and support.

WATSAN trustees group photo

Following the tragic death of our highly esteemed Treasurer Stephen Bullett, WATSAN is urgently seeking a new Treasurer to join the Board of Trustees.

This is a pivotal role in the continued efficient functioning of WATSAN, and the chance for someone who shares our values to make a huge difference to the lives of some of the most impoverished people in South-Western Uganda. It encompasses the management of donations, transmissions to our team on the ground in Uganda, and preparation of annual accounts. Full details can be found in the job description.

Our new Treasurer would join a team of approachable, experienced, like-minded people all committed to ensuring a bright future for WATSAN and the communities we serve. We offer a positive outlook and a hand of friendship to anyone joining our ranks!

We would like to ask our wonderful network of donors and supporters to please consider if you or anyone you know might be able to step up and help WATSAN in this crucial role. Stephen left WATSAN’s accounts in good order, and his diligent and conscientious approach means that the paperwork will be ready to hand over without too much trouble. We feel certain that there is someone in our combined networks who has the vision and talents to continue his legacy.

Please do ponder this job description, forward it on, share it on social media, or even print it and put it up in your loo! And if you have any thoughts or ideas, please do contact Ian at