Work starts at Kihihi Hill

Thanks to funds raised at the 2019 UK Walk for Water, as well as local fundraising completed in Uganda, the team has been able to complete several structures at Kihihi Hill.

Funds from the Walk for Water in the UK have kick-started work in Kihihi Hill, meaning that this isolated community now has a safe water supply and much improved sanitation, and is much better informed about good hygiene practices. Before WATSAN’s intervention, there was only one toilet for every 57 pupils at the school of 1,165 people, and an extremely intermittent gravity-fed water supply that had to be shared with the whole community.

Particular thanks go to those donors who responded to our previous appeal, especially Frances Buchan, who organised a flower-arranging workshop that contributed £700 to this project. Your generosity has helped us get this far, along with over £4,000 that was raised by the staff team in Uganda, thanks to their own Walk for Water in Kihihi.

The team has completed the following elements of the project:

  • 1 x rainwater harvesting tank at Kihihi Church
  • 2 x rainwater harvesting tanks at Kihihi School
  • 1 x five-cubicle pit latrine and changing room for male pupils at school (pictured above)
  • 1 x four-compartment bath shelter for girls
  • 1 x two-cubicle pit latrine for staff at school

Each of the construction elements above has health and hygiene activities (education around best practice use of the structures; construction of hand-washing facilities) bundled together with it. As funds become available the team carries out separate construction elements, along with the associated ‘software’.

This just leaves two elements to be fundraised for and built:

  • 1 x five-cubicle pit latrine and changing room for female pupils at school
  • 1 x five-cubicle pit latrine and changing room at church

These items will be the subject of a pitch made by WATSAN at The Funding Network’s London event in January 2020, to the tune of £6,000.

We still need around £2,000 to get us over the line and complete this project. If you would like to help, you can do so here.