The dancing roads… and Moses’ need for a new motorbike!

An ageing motorbike plays a crucial role as part of Moses’ job for WATSAN, which centres on ensuring the sustainability of projects in Kinkiizi Diocese.

Those of you who have visited the WATSAN project will groan at the mention of the roads! Always cheerful, despite logistic difficulties that would depress many of us Brits, our Ugandan friends refer to their appallingly potholed highways as “our dancing roads”. Passengers are liable to be bounced around in all directions, with a helmet rather than a seat-belt the key to survival. Hence you can imagine the damage to vehicle tyres and mechanical parts – as well as your head and possibly your tummy!

Moses shared this very real need with us when he visited the UK in June. It will cost around £3,000 to replace the current clapped-out bike, and make a huge difference as Moses travels around Kinkiizi Diocese checking on the sustainability of existing projects, encouraging good management and investigating requests for further intervention and new projects from WATSAN.

Could you possibly help with a gift towards a new motorbike? Large or small, it would be most gratefully received.

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