Replacement vehicle purchased for Ugandan team

The new pick-up truck is a crucial tool for the project team to visit work sites, survey new areas for future projects and check up on the maintenance of existing systems.
WATSAN staff standing next to the new vehicle

The vehicle is a white Toyota Hilux pick-up, and cost 56 million Ugandan Shillings, or just over £11,000. WATSAN was lucky to benefit from the expertise of both trustee Stephen Bullett in the UK, an engineer and keen mechanic, and travel agent, broker and Rukungiri local Simonpeter Kansime, who arranged the sale. It replaces worn-out and depreciating vehicle that had been costing the team unreasonable amounts in repairs.

Funds for the vehicle came from the UK Walk for Water in 2017. The team in Uganda is delighted with the new piece of kit, telling us: “It is a strong and speedy vehicle, admired by people at North Kigezi Diocese and beyond!”.

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