Rumbugu project is commissioned

We are delighted to have now completed the water and sanitation improvements at Rumbugu School. This is a huge achievement on the part of the team in Uganda, but also thanks to our valued donors.

Ian Bensted, Bishop Benon Magezi and Eric Baingana cut the ribbon at Rumbugu

The school’s 400-odd pupils now have a safe, clean water source, when before they had to drink from a polluted clay pit, or walk for miles to collect water, missing classes and exams. They now have ample and hygienic toilet facilities, when before they had to share a single, squalid toilet. The girls now have a dedicated changing room, when before they had to miss school when they had their monthly period.

This project benefitted from fundraising that so many of our donors took part in – the St Peter’s Church group, the Walk for Water and several other crucial donations that are literally life-saving for the people living in this rural and isolated part of Uganda.
















However, we have found that during this year the demands of refugee and war-related crises have drawn funds from our main supporting charity, TearFund, who have unexpectedly been unable to access funding for us this year. Hence in parallel with this appeal we are redoubling our efforts to access funding for new projects, directly to the Support Group. We are appealing to our wonderful existing donors to consider:

  • Making a new regular standing order
  • Topping up an existing standing order
  • Making a one-off donation
  • Asking others they know if they would consider becoming part of our supporter base.

To find out how to take out or update a standing order, please visit our donate page. From here, you can also make online donations.