Max’s Fabulous Feast demonstrates great fundraising model

Seedcorn fundraising turns £225 into £1,060 – increasing the funds for WATSAN by nearly five times!

All Saints Church in Faringdon hosted a slap-up meal in aid of WATSAN in November 2016. In addition to the money raised from ticket sales, chef Max Young had the brilliant idea of a ‘seedcorn’ fundraiser – or “YEAST”.

Each of the 45 people at the feast was given £5 in an envelope and encouraged to use it to generate more funds in whatever way they could think of – for example to buy ingredients for a cake sale. The funds were brought back to the church on Easter Sunday, and a total of £1,060 was raised from the original £225.

Max says: “When it was suggested that I come up with an idea for a small present for each attendee, I thought through a number of ideas – but time, space and skill constraints meant a rapid rethink. My prayers were answered when I remembered hearing of this being done about 20 years ago in another parish. Combining this with the thought of the action of yeast gave me a name for the project to raise funds for WATSAN!”

Thanks Max for your innovative idea, and to the fundraisers for their hard work.

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