WATSAN trustee Graham Piper reports back from Uganda

In early March 2017, WATSAN trustee Graham Piper visited Rukungiri and caught up with the staff team on the ground, calling on several of the completed and live projects.

WATSAN team at RukungiriGraham, who is a chartered chemical and civil engineer with nearly 40 years of experience in the UK and in Uganda, reports being impressed by a number of very positive things he saw and experienced in Uganda. Graham says: “We were really heartened by the way the NKKD WATSAN team seems to be operating well, as a happy cohesive unit under Eric Baingana‘s direction. Eric shows wisdom and determination in carrying out his duties. We were impressed by the professionalism of some of the staff when we visited, including some of those who had joined the team more recently.

“It was also good to see the way that the three dioceses (North Kigezi, Kinkiizi and Kigezi) were sharing new ideas and best practice, and specifically how they might roll out the ‘Church and Communities Mobilisation Process’,  which was started by the Water Programme in Kigezi Diocese.”

Overall Graham and Philippa visited 20 different locations/projects, encompassing springs, gravity flow schemes, Compassion International Child Development Centres and primary and secondary schools. It was encouraging for Graham to meet the people heading up these groups and see the passion they had for the people and children they were serving.

One outcome of Graham’s visit is that WATSAN’s trustees will be considering how to produce proposals for integrated schemes that aim to provide for sustainability and other community benefits, as well as simply focusing on water and sanitation outputs. This will be raised at the next trustees meeting, to take place in late April.

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