Funds urgently needed for facilities at Rumbugu Primary School

WATSAN’s UK Support team are focusing all fundraising efforts on making a new project happen at a rural primary school in desperate need of better water and sanitation.

Rumbugu Primary School has around 400 pupils and 30 staff – and yet the school has no reliable source of water. A protected spring supplies intermittent water to a single tap that serves the whole school – but on the many occasions where no A child collects water from a dirty pitwater is available from this tap, children have to resort to collecting water from clay pools. These pools have formed in former clay quarries, from which material has been extracted for brick-making, so the water in them is polluted and completely unsuitable to be consumed as the staff and pupils do regularly. As a result, illnesses are rife.

The sanitation situation is not much better, with the 40 female pupils sharing just one toilet.

WATSAN feels compelled to intervene as soon as possible to improve the lives of these pupils, as well as the 150-strong local community that also depends on the same water source. We propose two rainwater catchment tanks to collect water from the school roof and from the roof of the adjacent church; three pit latrines, bringing the number of toilets to eight; and the provision of bath shelters, dish drying racks and tippy taps, all in association with a health and hygiene education programme.

To achieve this, WATSAN needs to raise a further £18,000. We are seeking donations to this project via our online fundraising page, and plan for the proceeds of the forthcoming Walk for Water to contribute a large part of the project.

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